I still want to go undefeated, so:

I'm adjusting my Golden Globe selections, which were Benjamin Button heavy - I now feel that Button has failed to gather any sort of critical momentum, and won't be a major player at the Globes tonight:

Best Picture: I no longer think Slumdog Millionaire is the dark horse. I think it's now the favorite.
Best Score: A.R. Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire instead of Desplat's Benjamin Button score.

And I'm sticking with my Best Director pick of David Fincher, but I'm starting to think that Danny Boyle might be the guy. I'm probably gonna regret not switching, but I think Fincher actually was the best director this year, so I'm not dropping it.

And I thought I had my Best Actress pick locked up, but apparently Pia Zadora ruined it for me.

Also - how come the Golden Globe has "Best Film," "Best Musical or Comedy," "Best Foreign Language Film," "Best Animated Film," "Best Television Comedy," "Best Television Drama," and "Best Mini-Series," but no "Best Documentary?" Seems like an oversight.

Of course, this is the Golden Globes, which isn't a crowd that's really in favor of, um... thinking.