The first "Best Music Of The Decade" article I've seen worth posting.

The A.V. Club did a Best Music of the Decade post that I enjoyed sifting through. I overall felt that they'd made some solid choices, though I'd argue they selected the wrong album from a number of bands, including The National (it should've been Boxer instead of Alligator), Arcade Fire (Neon Bible instead of Funeral), Modest Mouse (Good News For People Who Love Bad News instead of The Moon and Antarctica), and not only did they select the wrong White Stripes record (how can it not be Elephant?), they put it way too high - White Blood Cells is the top record of the decade? Impossible.

I think they put far too much emphasis on "breakout" records and how bands released albums that "defined a sound," rather than saying "which one of these albums is the best?" There's also an obvious indie-bias in the list, but I don't mind that - that's where all the good music was the last ten years.

By the way, would you have believed ten years ago that the website with the strongest interviews and most insightful opinions on pop culture would be The Onion? I wouldn't. They manage to do weekly what magazines like Esquire and Vanity Fair can only manage occasionally: provide the best possible interview of a particular celebrity at the exact moment of his or her breakout.