Every movie that came out this year - even the crappy ones.

I found myself far more entranced by this cinematic mashup than I thought I would be - a guy named Kees Van Dijkhuizen jammed together pieces from 342 different movies that came out this year into one long trailer for, I guess, spectacle in general. Check it out.  It's strong up to about 5 minutes in, then gets going again at the 6 minute mark.



I also enjoyed this rundown of the Top 10 Movie Moments of 2009, which I found myself agreeing with - though I disagreed that Taken had any good moments outside of the one mentioned there. It also included at least one that made me say "Oh, yeah, I forgot about that, but that was epic" - the cafeteria scene in Watchmen.

I'm sure most of you are getting sick of it, but I'm quite enjoying all these "The Top Something-Or-Others Of The Decade" lists. It might inspire me to make my own, though I guess I already kinda did that with movies, huh?  Maybe instead of "top," I'll just do "favorite," which is more fun anyway.