Top 5 Movies I'm Least Excited To See in 2010

I'm going to use the phrase "hijinks ensue" as often as possible in this list. Trust me, it's appropriate every single time.

Furry Vengance
Brendan Fraser tries to build a giant shopping mall in the woods, but hijinks ensue when the animals of the forest rise up against him in the cutest way possible. This is possibly the worst movie trailer I've ever seen.

When In Rome
Kristen Bell meets the man of her dreams (Josh Duhamel), but when she grabs some coins from a magic love fountain in Rome, hoping to grab the one he threw, hijinks ensue as she finds herself besieged by the attention of several slumming comedic actors, including Will Arnett and Danny Devito.

The Tooth Fairy
We've already covered the hijinks here, so let's just move on.

Dear John
Hijinks totally fail to ensue as Amanda Seyfried has a meetcute with Channing Tatum, he goes off to war, and they write each other long letters as they go about their lives. If I see this movie, I will finally discover whether it's possible to vomit and fall asleep at the same time.

The Spy Next Door
There are worse movies coming down the pike next year - I'll be doing a separate post about Death At A Funeral later - but I left this in because the hijinks ensuing here seem so ridiculous it feels like it can't possibly be a real movie. The best moment is right there in the trailer, when the announcer says "he's about to face his toughest assignment yet: babysitting!" At which point I fall on the floor, giggling myself to death.

Fun fact - the movie The Pacifier was originally written for Chan, but he turned it down and Vin Diesel did it instead. Five years later, Chan's career slows down enough that some small-minded movie producer out there finally gets his man.