Top 5 Movies I'm Most Conflicted About In 2010

The through line here is that I'm simply not sure whether these movies will turn out to be awful or the best movies of the year. Based on the trailers, though, I'm more than willing to give them a shot.

Youth In Revolt
It looked mildly awful until, a minute into the trailer, it suddenly it took a turn into Awesomecrazyland. My goal for 2010 is to make "I've decided to create a supplementary persona named Francois Dillinger" into a catchphrase. Plus, two Michael Ceras for the price of one.

I would also accept "we're the folks with the crossbows" as a catchphrase, if it comes to it. This film has some real shades of Children Of Men, though it seems like it'll feel a little more Hollywood than that. Still, judging by its scope and cast, I think it's worth a gamble.

Hot Tub Time Machine
This trailer has "little comedy that could" written all over it, mostly because it - bereft of all logic - stars John Cusack in a nonsensical frat comedy.

Book Of Eli
I've got almost nothing to work with here. The trailer tells me little except that it's going to have a lot of cool fight scenes and panoramic shots of people walking under a dead sky. Other than that, we're not working with much here, outside of a vague hint of some sort of theological bent to the narrative. We'll have to wait and see.

I've got mixed feelings about this trailer and its bizarre, backwards theology, but it looks to be loads of hardcore angels-fighting-demons action in the midst of a lonely American desert, and I'm always on board for that.