Before They Were Famous

Hey! Here's a collection of famous actors in TV spots before they were famous!

It's worth clicking on for ten reasons.

10. John Travolta in short-shorts.
9. John Travolta singing about the chemical properties of soap.
8. Leonardo DiCaprio, multiple Academy Award nominee, shilling Bubble Yum.
7. Ben Affleck's cell phone.
6. Ben Affleck's hair.
5. Seth Green's hair.
4. Oh my God, Seth Green's hair.
3. Keanu Reeves really enjoying some Corn Flakes
2. Bruce Willis singing about wine coolers and almost but not quite french-kissing a dog.
1. That amazing commercial for "The McDLT" ('It keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool!') with Jason Alexander is there.

Trust me, you don't need any reasons beside that last one. Who thought that product would ever be a good idea?