Golden Globe Update

Despite much moving and shaking in terms of prediction buzz, I'm sticking with all my Golden Globe predictions. It doesn't seem fair to hedge on any of them just because I'm hearing rumors that this film is up and this film down, etc. - especially since the point of doing them early was to avoid parroting someone else's predictions. So even with Avatar continuing to tear up the foreign box office, and voting being carried out the Hollywood Foreign Press, I'm sticking with Up In The Air for my Best Drama pick.

Last time I checked, (500) Days of Summer had reached 10/1 odds against winning Best Comedy/Musical, with Nine heavily favored, while I said over and over that Summer was clearly the superior movie and should win the award. Now other critics are joining me in this prediction, including Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger, who I questioned on Twitter about his belief that Nine was a sure thing when reviews were so poor. He responded to my tweet and later that day wrote an article recanting his support and questioning whether perhaps long shot (500) Days of Summer might have a chance to win the award - hitting, I should point out, most of the same points that I did. Now, he's picked Summer to take the Globe this Sunday. It would be far too much post hoc ergo procter hoc to assume that he did it in any way because of me, certainly the odds that he clicked over to my Twitter page, found my Globes predictions, read the (500) Days of Summer entry, took it as a valid viewpoint and copied some of its ideas are outrageously slim.  I'm merely content to point out that these events happened in this order. I may ultimately be wrong, but dammit, I got there first.