Much more fun than you might expect.

I went the National Funeral Museum this week for work - I had to do a shoot there with a girl who's training to be a funeral director - and enjoyed myself immensely. It's mostly a collection of old hearses, some of which were quite ornate, and a interesting caskets, the best of which was one covered in money called the "You Can Take It With You" casket.

The best part by far was the fact that the museum has a large gift shop, because, of course it does. T-shirts and mugs with mildly catchy slogans ("Any day above ground is a good one", etc.) were prevalent, but the real winner was the large collection of death-themed toys and children's decorations.  I didn't buy anything, but I did take some pictures:

This last one reads: "Cremation: The Last Time Anyone Lights Your Fire"