Recent Work

Haven't posted anything I've done for a little bit, so here's some of the more fun stuff I've worked on.

This is this year's Golf Tournament promo, which we shot really quickly. We didn't get permission to shoot on the course, so we just hung out there and waited for foursomes to go by, then jumped in and shot a take before the next group came through. We didn't get a chance to do any prep work or anything, so I came back afterwards and tried to see what I could do with a bunch of guys hanging out on a golf course and waving clubs around. This project was a lot of frame-by-frame editing and calculation of how the physics of these graphics would work.

If you're looking for easter eggs, take another look at the beginning part of the "donate items" shot.

This video is from our big student ministry project this year, Reach, which had the motto "what if one weekend could change a city?" We arrived on Friday night for an evening of nothing but worship, spent the day Saturday doing service projects, and finished the night with a gigantic party. But they needed a wrap-up video - on Sunday morning, so I stayed up all night to get this done. I love this:

And finally, here's a song from our Good Friday service, of Zach doing "How He Loves." I directed the service, so that's why this is in here. Also, because it's incredibly powerful. That service was my all-time favorite since I've been at this church.


*update* All three videos have also been added to the Works page.