Best Albums of 2010


I posted these on Twitter last month, but I figured it would be worth reposting to the blog, since it seems a lot of my readers haven't caught up to current technology. Anyway, if you're you might notice that all the descriptions are under 140 characters.

Just missing the cut: She & Him, The Black Keys, Eminem, The National, and Jimmy Needham.


10. Cee-Lo - 'The Ladykiller'Looks like it's time to admit that Danger Mouse wasn't the cool one in Gnarls Barkley.



9. Florence and The Machine - 'Lungs'.
A fiercely energetic record. She's like a really urgent Feist.



8. Gungor – ‘Beautiful Things’
A collection of worship-driven songs with hugely anthemic, roll-down-the-window-and-scream choruses.



7. Robbie Seay Band - 'Miracles'
I dig anything Robbie Seay does, but he's outdone himself this time. They’ve never sounded sharper.



6. Freelance Whales - 'Weathervanes'
Because there's just not enough xylophone-driven rock songs.



5. Gatlin Elms - 'Carry Me Home'
I had huge expectations for this Gatlin Elms record, and it still blew them out of the water.



4. Jars of Clay – ‘The Shelter’
Their best record since, what, Jars of Clay fans? ‘Who We Are Instead’? ‘Eleventh Hour’?



3. Guster – ‘Easy Wonderful’
The most inherently cheerful band I know. Impossible to listen to the album and not smile.



2. Arcade Fire – ‘The Suburbs’
Because even after such a long delay, I should never have wondered if this band was going let me down.



1. Kanye - 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'
'Cause you start to wonder if maybe you really do need to be a little crazy to be that good.