I Am Second

We did a sermon series partnering with the I Am Second website this fall, and so I shot eight or nine interviews with church members before I left for India this summer. Since I was out of town - and out of hemisphere - the laborious editing process fell to others (some of the interviews took two to three hours). But the day before we showed one, I was asked to do an eleventh-hour re-edit to shorten and streamline one of my favorite interviews, a very friendly former drug addict named Aaron Best. I quite liked the finished product: 

We combined the "I Am Second" movement with a missions and local outreach push we called "We Are Second." We had a large display promoting the movement in our church lobby, and I pulled in my good friend Matt Robison for an interview about a local mission he does called "Mission At The Park." The video lacks all the strum und drang of the other I Am Second videos - but that's what I like about it.