The Annual End-of-the-Year Postathon

If you’re following me on Twitter (and why wouldn't you be?), you’re well aware that it’s been a busy few months for me. I made an attempt at doing National Novel Writing Month again this year, but had to quit midway through, as the book, like everything else in my life, got swallowed up by a short film I produced for our Christmas Eve services. Things descended to the point where I was pulling 22-hour days towards the end, so you can only imagine my relief to be on the other side of the holiday with some free time on my hands.

Last year, I decided to finish the year with a flurry of posts reviewing every movie I’d seen in theaters that year. It ended up being so much fun that I decided to have another go at it this year.

I’ve rated the twenty-six films I’ve already seen this year, and while I’m hoping to head out to see a few more of the Oscar nominees to sneak them into the list at some point, I’m confident enough that even they end up disappointing, they can’t possibly be bad enough to make it into the bottom section of this list.

That sentence ended up being quite a mouthful. No matter. Let’s begin.