Not bad, not bad.

I was thrilled to see the Packers take home the trophy - and in a score remarkably close to my predicted 28-24. That's right, folks, I'm perfectly attuned to the execution of these NFL games. I'm like a football savant.

I can't find an official prop result list, so I just ran them all by hand as best I could. My bets did pretty well: I won 16 out of 22 bets, for a total winnings of $333.67. Which is not that much for investing (an imaginary) $2500 on the game. I learned a lot about gambling from this one.

First of all, almost everything went my way except for my prediction that Hines Ward would be bottled up and Heath Miller would hit the holes left by the Packers defense over the middle (it was the other way around). That cost me a quick $500.

I also wagered $100 on each of the "automatic" wagers - no punt hits the scoreboard, no overtime, no 2-point conversion, and no safety. I won 3 of 4 for a total winnings of.. -$74.25. The odds on the automatic bids weren't good enough to keep me afloat for the one loss. I'll learn to skip those in the future.

All the money I made was on the bets I made on the props with positive money lines. I made $300 on Rodgers winning the MVP (+150) and $125 on the Gatorade being orange (+250). Those were the only positive money lines I picked, too, so everything else was just a giant battle to pull even. And this was on a Super Bowl I totally nailed. Gambling's harder than it looks.

Still, this was tons of fun, so I might do this again sometime.