The Best SNL Digital Shorts

Everyone's humor is different, so I'm sure people will argue with me about the top of the list, but I think we can all agree on the bottom, right? Some of these sketches just didn't work in any context. I put "Space Olympics" at the bottom, since that was a horrific sketch despite happening during the season premiere, when everyone had had plenty of time to come up with some good ideas. Therefore, I feel that was the least forgivable.

Jonathan and I have talked about the idea of "batting averages" in sketch comedy before: about 1 in ever 3 SNL sketches is good. A bad SNL show has maybe one good skit among six, a good one has 3 or so (and no awful sketches). The Digital Shorts have a higher batting average: two out of every three shorts are pretty good, and they hit a home run maybe four or five times a year.

This is a list of every Digital Short, ever, with only a few exceptions (about three or four were played and then never seen again, for whatever reason), so I have to figure this list is as comprehensive as any you'll find on the internet.

1. I’m On A Boat
2. Dick In a Box
3. Natalie Raps
4. I Just Had Sex
5. Laser Cats!
6. Lazy Sunday
7. Mother Lover

8. Like a Boss
9. United Way
10. Dear Sister 
11. Andy and Pee-Wee’s Night Out
12. Iran So Far
13. People Getting Punched Right Before Eating
14. Tizzle Wizzle Show
15. Great Day
16. Jizz In My Pants
17. James Cameron’s Laser Cats 5
18. Business Meeting
19. Dopple Ganger
20. Japanese Office
21. The Best Look In The World
22. Andy Popping Into Frame
23. Everyone’s A Critic
24. On The Ground
25. Brian Diaries
26. Firelight
27. Lettuce
28. Shy Ronnie
29. Body Fuzion
30. Zach Drops By the Set
31. Peyote
32. Party Guys
33. Laser Cats 4-Ever
34. Flags of the World
35. The Creep
36. Ras Trent
37. Get Out!
38. Cookies
39. The Curse
40. Andy’s Dad
41. Two Worlds Collide (ft. Reba McEntire)
42. Booty Call
43. Boombox
44. Doogie Howser Theme
45. Laser Cats! 3D
46. Andy Walking
47. Cubicle Fight
48. Grandkids in the Movies
49. Virgania Horsen’s Pony Express
50. Laser Cats! 2
51. Young Chuck Norris
52. Extreme Activities Challenge
53. Harpoon Man
54. Pep Talk
55. Stumblin’
56. Shy Ronnie 2:Ronnie and Clyde
57. Golden Girls Theme
58. The Other Man
59. The Mirror
60. Relaxation Therapy
61. Close Talkers
62. Roy Rules
A Couple Of Homies
64. Hero Song
65. Party at Mr. Bernard’s

Talking Dog
67. What Was That?
68. The Tangent
69. Property of the Queen
70. Rescue Dogs 3D App
71. Megan’s Roommate
72. Cherry Battle
73. Brenda & Shaun
74. I Broke My Arm
75. Daiquiri Girl
76. Hey! (Murray Hill)
77. Boogerman
78. The Date
79. Space Olympics