Best Matt Damon Cameos

I was swinging past a newsstand the other day and caught sight of this ridiculous GQ cover. Hollywood's Smartest Actor? For the briefest of moments, I thought of doing a post that showed how insane this proclamation was, with appropriate video links. And then I immediately rejected that idea because I love Matt Damon. I love him in the Bourne movies, I love him in the Ocean's movies, I love him in Good Will Hunting, I love him in True Grit, I love him in Syriana, I love him in The Informant. I even love him in Stuck On You (I actually really like Stuck On You. I know, I know...). He's great.

But even more than Damon in movies, I love the way Damon pops up in things. So I thought I'd do a "Best Of" of Matt Damon cameos.

I'll start with some of the best bits from Jimmy Kimmel. For a long stretch, Kimmel always ended his show with apologizing to Matt Damon that they didn't get to him. Then Damon came on the show to continue the bit, and was so convincing in his animosity that a lot of people were fully convinced that the joke was real:


It launched a series of Jimmy-screwing-with-Matt-Damon bits, including this Bourne Ultimatum trailer, and climaxing with Sarah Silverman's surprise gift to Jimmy during one of his shows (it really was a surprise for him, too, that's not a bit):


And finishing with a cameo in The Handsome Men's Club:


Outside of Kimmel, I'd be remiss not to mention Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back:


His recent, strange appearance on SNL:


His dynamite Matthew McConaughey impression:


Playing Kristen Kreuk's hard-rocking secret lover in Eurotrip (how can you not appreciate an Academy Award nominee who cameos in Eurotrip?):


And, of course, Liz Lemon's boyfriend on 30 Rock:


Lastly... this doesn't really count, but I couldn't not include it: his appearance in Team America: World Police.