Golden Globe Wrap-Up.

I got a shocking 16 out of 25 predictions right, which is doing pretty well for the Golden Globes. I swept most of the acting categories, other than the random suprises in Television - I don't think anyone thought Ed Harris or Don Cheadle were real competitors, but the HFPA does like to give awards to new, fresh entries. The big win was the surprising Best Picture and Best Directing awards for Argo, which I was shocked but pleasantly surprised by. I'd heard a lot of buzz about the possibility of Lincoln sweeping things leading up to the event, but instead we got a lot of wealth spreading, with Ben Affleck's "based on a true story" thriller rising to the top.

In the misses, the only one that landed in my "Should Win" column was the "Best Comedy or Musical" win for "Girls", which was an unexpected pleasure. Cue the vicious, sexist articles about Lena Dunham in 3... 2... (does a quick Google search) Looks like it's Nikki Finke's turn, everyone! "No talent"... "most hated femme in Hollywood"... "Are we positive she doesn't have a Y chromosome?"... pretty standard stuff.

To me, though, the biggest miss was not having Tina Fey and Amy Poehler out there more. We got one biting monologue and then three jokes scattered throughout the next three hours? I wanted them out there all the time. I wanted them on a couch behind the winners, shouting snarky things. C'mon, it's not the Oscars. They're serving alchohol all through the show. Let's go ahead get a little loose.

But who cares? Let's all talk about Justin Timberlake's new song. I'm not wild about the lyricism, but those jazzy horns are just fantastic.