Introducing: The Wall of Fame (2014)

Every year I do some sort of wrap-up of things I liked over the year, but no matter what I do to try and avoid it, it always ends up becoming some sort of Top 10 list, and Top 10 lists are mostly boring. I like seeing playlists, but who cares if I thought Interstellar was better than Nightcrawler?* Who cares if my high expectations for the new Muppet movie were wildly missed, or my already incredibly low expectations for the last Hobbit movie were somehow not met?**

Instead, I’m introducing a new wrinkle this year: The Wall. Things I’m throwing up on The Wall this year are the things I fought for, begged people to watch, defended from their critics, rode for online. This is not any sort of Top 10 list - these are just the things that made me happiest. And they go up on The Wall so I can look up at them in satisfaction from now on.

*If you do care: I did.
** Both true!