My Favorite Television of 2015

We are in what's been called TV's Silver Age (in reference to the supposed Golden Age we are just leaving), and the major story remains that TV shows are coming from everywhere, and there's so much good stuff that you can't possibly watch all of it.

Even my list here has shows I've still got major chunks I've missed, or have yet to finish (in fact, since I finished this list I watched the last couple episodes of "You're The Worst," and frankly that show should move up a couple notches).

I'd highly recommend all these shows, though with the caveat that television is now deeply personal, and what one person loves the other might truly despise. I probably know three people, total, who would love "Documentary Now!", but that doesn't mean it's not awesome at what it does.

Also of note: the decline of broadcast TV entirely. There is only one more broadcast show (there are 2, total, one of which went off the air this year) than there are shows from the Lifetime network, for pity's sake. Broadcast TV is a wasteland.

Favorite TV Shows of 2015:

25. Documentary Now! (IFC)
24. Drunk History (Comedy Central)
23. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
22. The Leftovers (HBO)
21. Casual (Hulu)
20. Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central)
19. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (Netflix)
18. Making A Murderer (Netflix)
17. Project Greenlight (HBO)
16. Master of None (Netflix)
15. Difficult People (Hulu)
14. Jessica Jones (Netflix)
13. Key and Peele (Comedy Central)
12. The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (Comedy Central)
11. UnReal (Lifetime)
10. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
8. Better Call Saul (AMC)
7. Rick and Morty (Adult Swim)
6. You're The Worst (FXX)
5. Silicon Valley (HBO)
4. Veep (HBO)
3. Parks and Recreation (NBC)
2. Game of Thrones (HBO)
1. Mr. Robot (USA)