Best of 2017: Let's Get This Started, Again.

I start my “Best Of” lists later than most, because most of these lists are being done by professional publications with professional writers and professional deadlines to meet, and I do them because I like writing them and I want you to accept my opinions as your own.

And also since Christmas is a ridiculous time for me, this is the earliest I can start the suckers.

Traditionally, these lists continue until about the time the Academy Awards happen, or my enthusiasm for writing them peters out, whichever comes first.

This always means that I’m making lists that don’t make it even close to the end (I’ll rank every movie I saw for the year, giving up in the mid-twenties, I’ll make a Spotify playlist and only explain the bottom third, etc).

So this year has a new tack, where I just rank my favorite moments from the year, without the slightest indication of order. At some point I might write a full list of favorite movies/songs/albums/television shows/tweets/etc, but right now, we’re just going to highlight things I love until I feel like stopping.

Feel free to comment on any platform with some of your own favorites. I’m always looking for new things to add.