Oscar Results

I did it. I got over 75%. I'm an expert.

I got 19 out of 24 (79%), and if I'd only stuck with Sean Penn for Best Actor - who I was really rooting for anyway - the only ones I would've missed would've been four completely unimportant categories which I'm totally fine with having missed. So let's review exactly what happened on what turned out to be a really good Oscars in all respects.

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Winner: Sean Penn for Milk

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Best Achievement in Directing
Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Winner: Okuribito (Japan)
I Picked: Entre les murs (France)

Best Achievement in Music, Original Song
Best Achievement in Music, Original Score

Best Achievement in Editing
Best Achievement in Sound
Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Winner: The Dark Knight
I Picked: Wall-E

Best Achievement in Visual Effects
Best Documentary, Short Subjects
Winner: Smile Pinki

Best Documentary, Feature
Winner: Man on Wire

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Best Short Film, Live Action
Best Achievement in Cinematography
Best Achievement in Makeup
Best Achievement in Costume Design
Best Achievement in Art Direction
Best Short Film, Animated
Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay
Best Writing, Original Screenplay
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
While I'm thrilled about my results, I changed a few results from my original picks, and all those changes ended up being wrong. But I entered the orginal list into the Oscar.com game, which should put me near the top of their pool (22 out of 24 ain't bad - except that the game glitches so badly that every time you leave the site, it deletes all of your picks. I tried to go on right before the ceremony started, but the game had crashed, so I couldn't get to it to re-enter the picks. It's a shame, because somewhere floating in a sea of data on the Oscar.com site is a near-perfect Oscar list.

Hope everyone did well this year!