Worst Academy Award Winner To Headline A Show

TNT has been pumping out promos like crazy for its various moderately watchable original programming, and every single one of them has been hammering the "starring Academy Award winner..." line to death. Watch 'Saving Grace,' with Academy Award Winner Holly Hunter! Watch 'Leverage,' with Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton! Even multiple seasons into a show, the tagline remains the same.

Of course, none of their ads mention exactly when and what these people won Academy Awards for. For example, Hunter won hers in 1993 for The Piano, a performance where she (mercifully) played a mute. And Hutton won an Academy Award for Ordinary People, a movie that came out in 1980, only a few months after The Empire Strikes Back. Hutton - who, it must be said, does an excellent job on 'Leverage' - is nearing 50 and was only 18 at the time that film was shot.

It got me thinking... who would the absolutely worst choice among all Academy Award winners to headline a new TNT show? And what kind of show would that be?

Note: No Heath Ledger jokes.