Below is a collection of some of my photography work, most of which I did for free and all of which I did for fun.

I've been a video producer and a filmmaker for a long time, but I was a photographer first. I used to thumb through old National Geographics and stare at the surreal images of frozen tundras and underwater forests, and wonder what it would be like to be the one out in that world, hunting for that one perfect image to bring home.

When I was ten, I entered a photography contest, and a few days later, a runaway cow wandered down our street. I grabbed the disposable camera I'd been given for the contest and gave chase, spending an hour panting my way after that animal and using up most of my roll trying to get that one perfect shot of the beast tearing through our neighbors' yards.

All of the shots turned out terrible and I didn't win a single award. But I'd do it again. Frankly, I still am that same kid, chasing through the world around me and hoping to bring home one magic shot.

The collections below make up a lot of what I've done as a photographer, but if the sort of thing you want to capture isn't here, let me know. Whatever it is you're looking to do, I'm game for it.  I'll pick up my camera and chase after you, I promise.