"Emily Prather"

With missons, our push is often to show as wide a view as possible. Look at all the things we're doing. It's so many things. 

I've always pushed the other way. Let's push closer. Let's see the difference God is making in one life. Let's see how much difference God can make just in tiny choices. 

I was so happy to make this video with my dear friend Emily, to show the difference that her love and her surrender has made in the lives of all these little ones - and, of course, in her own life as well.



"Pledgemusic Fundraiser"

Cameron and I had become friends from her time leading worship at our church, but this was the first time we'd worked together doing a video project together. You can tell from the other work scattered around the site, but it's a collaboration we loved and have continued. Cameron is brilliant and talented and (sometimes alarmingly) passionate about things, and I loved helping her accomplish her goal of making this beautiful and often quite surprising record.

Since I had no hand in the actual production of this album, I can say without any taint of self-interest: it's a really good album. Go ahead and check it out here



"High School"

We launched a massive rebuild of our student ministry's website, built around a massive amount of video content. I ended up staying up all night for several nights to hit the deadline, but it was all worth it to me. I love this ministry and spend as much of my off-time as I can working for it. Getting to show the world its highlights was a treat.



"True Feathers EP"

Caleb was launching a new EP at the same time as he played a huge show at House of Blues with O.A.R. and Andy Grammar, so we tried to capitalize on the moment by producing a promo from that night as fast as we could. Caleb's fun to work with because he's so game for anything, and he loves interacting with the people who love what he does. If absolutely nothing else, I hope those two things show up in the promo we made.




A truly wonderful 16-year-old girl I knew named Cassie committed suicide, and it was understandably devastating to the circle of friends around her. Those friends, it turned out, had some fight in them. They made a group to try to prevent teen suicide in our community, and they asked me to help them promote a fundraising event as they tried to raise money in order to raise awareness. I couldn't say yes fast enough.

These kids are incredible. I loved hanging with them for a couple hours and just getting to be silly and fun together, and I've loved getting to continue to work with them in the months that followed making this, to try to make their dreams reality.