This was the biggest Good Friday event we ever did - staying up all night after our Maundy Thursday service to transform our Traditional sanctuary into a massive modern worship space. Afterwards, I worked to edit all of the evening's elements together into an online worship experience. It took months of editing in late evenings after work, or long Sunday afternoons, but finally I got the whole service together. I still get chills when I watch it.

If you want, you can check out every song from the evening right here. Otherwise, here's the closing song from the set, featuring Shelby and Zach Hendricks on vocals with David. 



"Wesley Prayer"

After a year of dedicated writing of new worship songs, Mark and his band held an evening for the community to gather and sing those together in one huge night of worship. You can get the album we recorded that night right here if you like, but in any case, here's the opener.  



"I'll Be Damned"

Caleb was premiering one of his newest songs, based on his tumultuous relationship with his father, for the very first time. He asked me to come and film the show, to document the moment, and I was glad he did. The performance - held at Dosey Doe in Conroe, Texas - was achingly raw, and I was proud just to be there for it.



"Winter Snow"

Though then only a senior in high school, Gabbi Sorensen was an accomplished ballerina, and she choreographed a remarkable and expressive dance for our Christmas Eve services. Throughout rehearsals, I tried to choreograph camerawork that matched her delicate movements.

This is the live broadcast from the first of those services.