Alyx, a young lady with special needs who I've known for quite some time, has always loved singing and always dreamed about performing a big concert in front of people. During one junior high retreat weekend, we set out to make that happen for her in the biggest way that we possibly could.



"The Resurrection of Robert Prohl"

It's not easy to be as honest as Robert is here. It's not easy to admit you did wrong, it's not easy to admit you went to prison, it's not easy to admit you almost lost your wife, it's not easy to admit you thought about ending your life. No one wants to admit they've seen what rock bottom really looks like.

I loved telling this story - the feature piece of our Easter services that year - because Robert wasn't scared to admit anything. He knew who had saved him.



"Community With Each Other"

This video was one of the few times I ever just put my foot down and said, "we have to do it this way. I know we didn't plan on doing it this way, but I need you to trust me when I'm saying we have to do it this way." God bless David Dorn, the pastor who heard me out and just said, "okay. I'll cut my message shorter. Let's do this."

We had just finished a massive building project and we were re-launching the Loft service in the newly renovated sanctuary. The goal was a service that centered on the Loft's three main goals: communion with God, community with each other, and compassion for the world. Each one was paired with a short video, telling a story of how that was being lived out in the Loft church. I was able to bring the other two videos in at around the three-minute mark we were aiming for, and technically I could have brought this one in at the same mark. But I just didn't want to sell it short, I didn't want to take people through darkness and then tie a very small bow on the end and say "and now everything's fine." I wanted people to see what it meant for this family to have hope brought back into their lives.

It's almost six minutes long. I wouldn't cut it down for anything.*

*okay, fine, it could be a little shorter. My point stands.