Every year, I return to Edge Camp to do these videos. It's a frenetic pace - you shoot all day, then edit like crazy to get a video ready for the evening session, then start shooting again and don't stop until midnight. It's so exhausting and so much fun.

The last video plays 12 hours after the one before it, just before everyone hops on the bus and heads home. I've stayed up all night editing it these before, but this one came together pretty quickly, I think because there was just so much fun stuff from the week that I had tons to work with. The stuff I cut out of this video could have made a pretty good video in its own right.

Camp life forever. 




UM Army is a program that takes high school students into poor communities and sets them to work for struggling families in the area - building wheelchair ramps for the elderly, repainting flaking houses, shoring up collapsing porches. But mostly it's about connecting with a world that these kids don't get a chance to see that often, and to see how much a little bit of work can matter in the lives of people who feel forgotten.

It's my favorite week of the year, every year. Even sleeping on the floor of a Methodist church's Sunday school room can't dint my enthusiasm. Playing with these kids every night, watching them serve every day, seeing God show up and become real for them... you think you'd get used to it, that it'd become old hat to you, but it never does.



Super Pump Invitational

I've had the privilege of being friends with Travis Postany for several years, and I've been psyched to keep coming out and shooting videos to help him promote his big endeavor, Rebel Run Sports Camp, a BMX workout facility he built entirely by hand.

But nothing compared to this day, when he hosted his first big race at the track. With $10,000 on the line, and a very high probability of hijinks, I came out to film the fun.