"The Boys of Summer"

The official music video for Cameron's cover of Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer" was shot all in a couple hours on location in and around Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas. We went in with a mood and general sense of what we wanted, but the content of the video came out of the dilapidated locations we found (Galveston is a very good place for that, off-season), and the story we built out of those locations. The thrill was Cameron and I find that story as the day went along. After we found the abandoned restaurant and had turned the story from something sad into something vaguely sinister, I remember Cameron pounding the steering wheel and shouting in happiness as we drove home. That's how every shoot should end.



"Heart Stops (Live)"

Okay, let's get this out of the way right away - this is a live video, but it's not really a live concert video. Someone stopped in my office one afternoon and said, "hey, David Dunn's coming over in an hour. We said we'd shoot a live video of one of his songs a while back, and then we forgot about it. Um... can you come direct it?"

I said "yes," of course, partially because David is an awesome guy and I'll always be glad to help him do anything, and partially because what's more fun than trying to put together a fake concert in an hour? 

We grabbed half a dozen people, I set up DSLR cameras and dollies everywhere I could and taught people how to run them, then grabbed a camera and ran around handheld. David and his band showed up, we tracked everything live, and I patched in a few crowd shots to try and sell the myth. I'm not sure you buy it's a real concert, but it is a fun live video anyway, just because David's such a dynamic performer.  



"Tropical Summer (Edge Camp Rules)"

Look, I know, I know, lots of youth groups do this, or something like this. But at some point, we started to go pretty far above and beyond in what we were attempting, because it was just too much fun not to. What started as a quick video we'd shoot on our iPhones turned into one of my biggest shoots of the year, and easily my most fun.

The music, chorus, and melody is all done by Zach Hendricks, and recording is produced by Ryan Cecil, while I contribute direction, verse lyrics, and general excitement.



"Addicted To Love (Acoustic)"

As Cameron was putting together her covers record, "Words Don't Bleed," we'd meet up to try and shoot quick promotional videos to help with the fundraising for the record. We didn't have much in the way of space - just a piano against the wall in Jay Snider's living room - with no decorations and nothing in the way of lighting.

This video is a combination of a million solutions. We left the the door open, bounced light from a window, and then I shot the whole thing through a broken Canon lens whose electronic sensors had died. To add visual elements, I packed the foreground full of glassware - wine glasses, pitchers, highball glasses, whatever I could find. Shooting through all the distortion heightened the minor-key spooky feel of the cover, and just editing it together, I got chills.