For portraits of all kinds, from engagement pictures to senior portraits to family sessions. Includes on-location shoot (up to 2 hours), and full photo-editing.

All photos will be made available, without watermark and with full printing rights, at the end of the session. There are no printing fees of any kind, you can send all of your pictures to the printer of your choice - and if you want help with that process, I'm more than happy to give recommendations or to walk you through every step, from beginning to end.


Extra editing is charged on photo-by-photo basis. I do everything from minor hair fixes to full air-brushing, which can often make quite a difference.

I know some people are opposed to touchups, but often on photoshoots, in order to get the gorgeous color and detail you're looking for, photos will end up over-saturating skin tones or sharpening wrinkles and lines. It's helpful to clean out some of the more distracting elements that pop up.

The example I often use is this picture I took of my friend Chloe at the beach. By this point in the day her skin was a little sunburned and red. After editing the picture to make the colors pop, her skin ended up oversaturated and looked much redder than it did in real life. I did a quick pass over her face to clean it up, and the problem disappeared.

Whatever the issue is - from eliminating graffiti, to erasing items in the background, to digitally extending a photograph to try and wrap it around a frame - it's usually a problem I've come across before. And even if it's something new, I'm always up for a challenge.

Film & Video


Each video project is different, and the equipment requirements for each can vary wildly. I've listed the basics here, but there's no real way to know how much a project will cost without discussing the scope in-depth. Whatever your needs, hit me up directly on my contact page and we'll see what we can do to bring your project in under the budget you have.

One-person shoot (up to 4 hours) - $300
This includes me showing up to whatever location - concert, corporate event, music video shoot, fundraiser, etc - and shooting video throughout. This assumes no additional lighting or audio needs. 

Editing - $50/hour
Most edits can be estimated beforehand, though multiple versions or multiple changes will affect the end price. This category can also include videos shot by someone else - a video from concert or a speaking engagement - that you'd like me to edit down. 


Slideshows - $125-$250
Travel - $25/hour
 for all travel distance further than an hour away.

Again, there's nothing I enjoy more than shooting projects and making something special happen. Whatever the project is, if there's a chance I can do something to help you accomplish your goals, don't be afraid to contact me and let me know.